Our Vision

Our Constant and going vision has been Inclusive Space development. We want to develop aspirational spaces for all stratas of the society: luxury at affordable prices AN OATH THAT ENABLES THE VISION, at SMP every member stands by their principles:

  • Customer first always, following this principle in every decision we make, every brick we lay, every space we develop. Being sensitive to what customer needs, wants and aspires helps us in creating most suitable spaces for them.
  • To be the best in the business whilst undertaking the responsibility for all actions.
  • We will play an active role towards building a better and greener tomorrow.
  • We will execute all projects with impeccability and achieve 100% growth for all internal as well as external customers.
  • We will build homes that we would love to live in.
  • We will always treat customers the way we would want to be treated.
  • We will offer our customers something we ourselves would want to buy.